Alan Dewey is:

  • scuba dive instructor - Scuba Diving International
  • underwater photography instructor - Scuba Diving International
  • former AMA professional flat track motorcycle racer.  Also, many years of road race, hare scrambles, & speedway
  • In south Florida since 1990
  • RF & Analog Electronic Engineer
  • 10 years designing Backscatter Absorption Gas Imaging Systems

I Do Not Photgraph:

  • Weddings
  • Reunions
  • Video
  • Graduation Portraits
  • Aerial Photography
  • Evidence

If you are looking for a professional photographer for one of these types, I highly recommend using this search link.

Watermarks on These Images:

To purchase or license an image, see the contact page.   Purchased and licensed images will either have no watermark, or a modest watermark in an unobtrusive location, depending on your needs, desires, and payments.

Can You Get Free Photos?    Yes !

If you would like free photos of yourself, family, or friends, then please contact me.  Occasionally, I will do "TFP" (exchange your time for my print) with proper prior arrangement.

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